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About Us

The Seafood Menu Restaurant & Lounge, the first restaurant owned by global recording artist and businessman Lil Baby and developed in collaboration with Chad Dillion, the visionary behind The Boiler Seafood in Atlanta, GA.

The Seafood Menu is set to disrupt the ATL restaurant scene with its unparalleled seafood offerings, providing a whole new taste experience for seafood enthusiasts at a fraction of the cost. The Seafood Menu Restaurant & Lounge aims to create a unique dining atmosphere where guests can savor delectable seafood dishes while immersing themselves in an ambiance that pays homage to the rich history of hip-hop music in Atlanta and beyond.
When asked about his decision to enter the restaurant business, Lil Baby expressed his desire for longevity. "Restaurants are one of the few businesses that have lasted for 50 years, standing strong even through the challenges of the pandemic. I believe in the power of endurance," he explained.
Lil Baby also emphasized the importance of musicians venturing into business to secure long-term success and create opportunities for future generations.

The Seafood Menu boasts an array of tantalizing flavors, highlighted by seven unique custom sauces that are the heart and soul of the menu. The restaurant's innovative approach combines classic seafood with unexpected twists, infusing traditional wing flavors like lemon pepper and honey hot sauce into mouth watering seafood butter sauces.
This unprecedented fusion is a testament to Lil Baby's commitment to culinary creativity and pushing boundaries. During a conversation about his favorite sauce, Lil Baby enthusiastically shared...


"Caribbean Jerk is my current favorite. Every time I try a new sauce, it becomes my favorite, but lately, the jerk sauce has been hitting different!"- Lil Baby

Despite a few minor obstacles faced during the restaurant's construction, Lil Baby and his dedicated team are ready to welcome guests into their world of controlled chaos. The restaurant has assembled an exceptional staff to ensure a seamless dining experience and handle any challenges that may arise.

Looking to the future, Lil Baby envisions expanding The Seafood Menu through franchising, sharing his culinary vision with a global audience. Additionally, he plans to focus on packaging and mass producing their exceptional sauces, aiming to see them on grocery store shelves worldwide.

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